For the dough:

Flour 00 - 400 g

Whole eggs - 4

Salt - a pinch

For the filling:

Eggplants-300 g

Ricotta cheese-200 g

Extra virgin olive oil-about 80 g

Salt-as needed

Small onion-half

Pepper: as needed

Basil in leaves

Difficulty : Normal
Preparation : 1 hour
Cooking : 10 minutes
Total : 1 hour and 10 minutes
Ingredients for 4 people
This recipe is not ours but it comes from the talented and famous Italian chef Mauro Improta who taught us how to make fresh pasta during an useful and fun course. The thing that makes these ravioli special is the condiment made with cherry tomatoes blended and strained through a colander to make a delicious Coulis. Yummy !!!

To make  eggplants and ricotta ravioli you must first prepare the fresh egg pasta. You can follow the procedure here:

Meanwhile, prepare the other ingredients: clean the eggplants, remove the ends and peel. Cut them into very small cubes and rinse them under running water, then drain them well.

Stir-fry eggplants  with a splash of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper

Rinse tomatoes carefully and cut them into 4 parts.

Let them softened in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, salt and a little onion cut into small pieces. If it’s necessary add few tablespoons of water.

Mix well eggplants and ricotta cheese to combine the two ingredients.

Roll out the dough into a 1/2 mm thick rectangular dough. If you use the special pasta machine set it to the the second-to-last setting notch. Lay the dough out on a large, flat surface lightly dusted with semolina flour. Drop an half spoon of filling, forming small heaps, in a row at a distance of about 3-4 centimeters from one side of the dough without filling. Turn over the free sheet of dough to top  the filled side and seal the edges  moistening well with water. With the side of your hand press gently around the filling to eliminate any air inside.



Cut the ravioli with a pastry cutter forming squares.

Boil the ravioli in salted water for a couple of minutes. Drain and top with tomatoes sauce previously blended and filtered

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