Maria Tortora

Good food, but above all healthy food and the search for high quality ingredients have always been the biggest passion of my life and practically a cult for my family.

The idea for this blog has come  after living for two months in one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in the world, Canada, where I met many fans of Italian cuisine.

People of Italian origin, and not, who have in common the  love for our food, often talked  to me with nostalgia and curiosity about our beautiful country, but above all they asked me about our good food.

I remember a young guy from Saudi Arabia  who was madly in love with our food, a Brazilian boy who had taken a course in Italian cooking in his country.
To sum up  we would like , through “due Tortore in cucina”, that the Italian food, with its flavors, smells , colors, and  a piece of our beautiful peninsula arrive to the large number  of Italian immigrants’ sons, who carry in their hearts the homesickness  for the homeland  and also to all the Italian food lovers.

Choosing the food, as excellent form of communication, along with the other Tortora, we decided to start this culinary adventure and create a space where all of those are interested in will find classic dishes of each Italian region and many other innovations.

Antonella Tortora

How could I describe myself ? It is not easy in few words. What can I say?

I am a “girl  who is in her early forties  and hasn’t decided yet what she wants to do when she grows up” . I’ve tried everything, or almost.

I took two diplomas and a degree in Law , I did several different odd jobs, but nothing of what I’ve done has ever given me the joy, satisfaction and excitement that I feel when I’m in the kitchen. In the kitchen I feel at home!

The idea of the blog is not mine, it comes from  the other Tortora  in cucina, but I‘ve  immediately embraced the project. I think  that sharing ideas and recipes is great because for me the food is above all communion.

In my cuisine there is a lot of my grandmother who raised me, a lot of my city, Naples, where the food is truly extraordinary. Moreover my cuisine is made by simple and traditional things.  But of course in this blog there will be space for recipes from other Italian regions and sometimes even from other countries. In short, we will go together on a sort of culinary journey. So I hope you ‘ll enjoy your meal  and have fun!!!